A Great night out, making new single friends

and connections in Houston, TX

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new people at each location
hidden gems & local hotspots
organized groups at each table
HopToDate in a nutshell

One unforgettable evening

three to four great locations

dozens of nice new people

Enjoy three bars within close walking distance
Guests will be organized into small groups
With your group you will meet two or three other groups, at each bar!
Within each 90-minute stop, have a chance to meet 6 new people
At the end the entire party meets together one last time for the AfterDrink, a great time to continue those interesting conversations
Events are planned for each age range [you’re never too young or too old!]?

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Upcoming Events in Houston, TX

Learn more about our bar-hopping events in Houston, TX, where single people find a great environment to meet for a chat, a cocktail, and sometimes more…

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The HopToDate evening

How a HopToDate event Works

Starting point, Bar 1


Hop to Bar 2


Hello Bar 3!




What can you expect?

One evening, 3 to 4 bars, a lot of new people to meet. In real life!

Together as a group, at one table: like a group of friends, conversation flows naturally and easily.
Solo or with a friend: we make it easy to sign up either way
Unforgettable: new people, new places, the evenings quickly take on an exciting and friendly vibe
Unconstrained: talk to whomever you want, and listen or join in on the conversation whenever you choose
Unique: the only way to meet so many new people, while enjoying a night out
No speed or online dates: enjoy one cozy group for the evening, and real face-to-face conversations
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Want to meet new people? At HopToDate, that happens all by itself, just during a fun night out.

Why HopToDate?

Six great reasons to join our next bar-hopping event!

All guests are provided with a personal schedule, with details about where to go and which teams to join at each location. We always have tables and seats reserved to make for an easy, stress-free experience.
NO 1-ON-1
Forget the awkward silences and grasps for conversation. Do you click with someone a little less? No problem! There are always several other people at the table to keep the conversation moving.
Networking apps and social media are full of canned personal statements coupled with old and doctored photos. HopToDate events bring you into live contact with motivated single people.
The chance to meet so many new people for the price of a few drinks is a great value.
At each location, you will meet 4 to 8 new singles for 60–90 minutes. Enough time for real conversations and impressions.
For some guests the AfterDrink is the best part of the evening. All the teams come together at the last location for another chance to meet more singles & to catch-up with new friends from the previous locations.
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Secure online registration and payment
Immediate booking confirmation
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Casual atmosphere
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The HopToDate evening

The secret? Simplicity.

We focus on the basics, meeting new single people in a social way. With multiple groups and locations in a single evening.

Sign up: solo or with a friend

We welcome single people especially, but some people prefer to join with a friend, that’s great! We can ensure that you are placed on the same team, or not, if you prefer to mix it up.

Meet new people at 3 to 4 locations

We provide a schedule for the evening and also reserve a table at the various locations. In each bar, you and your team will meet two other teams so there’s no shortage of fun conversations!

Meet all participants at the final location

You will of course end the evening in style! At the end of the evening, all participants come together for an after drink. You’ll probably meet a lot more people here, because it’s impossible to meet everyone while bar hopping. An after drink with 50 people is great fun, but 200 participants or more is certainly not uncommon!

Let us know who you want to see again

Did you run into someone you like a lot on a HopToDate evening? Do not hesitate to exchange your contact details! Did the time pass too quickly or were the nerves still a bit too much? For such cases, we provide the option to indicate afterward who you would like to see again. We will only disclose your contact details to each other if this is also mutual.
What participants say

Still thinking? Take a look at our previous guest’s feedback:

Score of 4.9 out of 5

Almost all participants give us 5 stars

We intend to make each event a memorable experience. Listening carefully to reviews and being open to adjustment has helped us to develop the uniquely fun HopToDate concept.

Dating in Houston, TX? Choose HopToDate.

Would you like to meet other singles in Houston, TX? How about an event where you can have a great evening, while getting to know as many singles your age as possible?

In one evening you not only meet a lot of nice people, but you also spend your evening in several nice bars. In a completely casual atmosphere, during pleasant conversations, you automatically increase your group of friends.

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Meeting singles in Houston, TX

Let’s face it—swiping, blind dating, and speed dating are often not the most natural way to meet new singles. Many people find it unnatural and difficult to have a pleasant conversation during such encounters. HopToDate is a good alternative to the traditional speed date or blind date:

You'll meet other singles in a casual and relaxed atmosphere
In each bar, you'll meet new people and have 60–90 minutes to get to know them better
No awkward silences or awkward conversations
No 1-on-1 situations; just 6–8 other participants per bar sitting together at one table
It almost feels like going out with your group of friends

In short, HopToDate has a lot of advantages compared to other dating forms! It’s just super social and fun to do. So be sure to check out our upcoming events in Houston, TX.

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Going out in Houston, TX with a friend

Not everyone likes to meet up alone with a stranger at a location you often don’t know. And what if the date doesn’t go so well? It’s a lost evening you could better spend with friends.

What if there is a single dating activity you could also do with your BFF? When registering for a HopToDate event, you will be asked whether you want to participate alone or with a friend. This means you can take someone else with you to go from bar to bar! This way you will always have a nice evening together with other singles! Double fun guaranteed!

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