HopToDate vs Speed Dating

Which single event to choose?

What is the difference between HopToDate and Speed Dating?


Speed dating

Bar Hopping
Socialize with a group and visit several local hotspots in one evening.
Speed dating
More of an interview than a social activity, sitting at a small table with one other person for only a few minutes at a time.
Slow Dating
No quick hello and goodbye, but enough time for conversation and a real personal impression.
Fast Dating
Time only for introductions and a quick first impression.
Join with 2
We welcome guests who chose to bring a friend.
Join alone
Some people prefer not to ‘go it alone’, isolated at a table with one new person.
Lots of new people
Meet dozens of new people while visiting several locations, all in the same evening!
Meet 7–10 people
One room all evening with the same people cannot compare to the variety of meetings and experiences at a HopToDate event.
A meeting among friends
Our activities are organized at popular restaurants and bars where we arrange small groups at proper tables. It is the perfect environment for new friends to meet.
Meeting strangers
Sometimes conversation stumbles at the beginning, it can be awkward with only two people at the table.
After drink
The final stop on the bar-hopping adventure is the AfterDrink, where all of our guests gather together to find some familiar faces from the previous stops, and more new people to meet for the first time!
Home at the end
‘Well, thanks for coming, you’ve met everyone. It’s over!’ The ending to a Speed Dating event can be anti-climactic. The AfterDrink gathering at the end of a HopToDate event, where there are still new people to meet, is an exciting way to cap off the night.
Conclusion — HopToDate
HopToDate events provide a relaxed atmosphere with the time to have a real conversation. Many of our guests compare it to a fun night out with a group of single friends. When there is a click, people have the option to spend more time together. If not, there are plenty of other people to meet!
Conclusion — Speed dating
At a short, one-on-one meeting with a new person, it can be difficult to make the right impression. Without an instant click, you might not get another chance at conversation. This can be counter-productive on the dating scene, as we know from every romantic comedy film, a negative first impression often turns out to be totally wrong.

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