Our fee to participate covers the organization of the event. On the day, you will receive a personalized schedule with all the necessary information about the evening. This information, including the names of your team members, the time and place for meeting, and further locations for the night can also be found on your customer dashboard.

Be sure to check your spam folder for our initial emails.

Besides the organization, locations, and reserved tables, our guests have the option to use the match page after the event. There you can indicate who you would like to see again. In the case of mutual interest, we will provide contact details to both parties.

*Please note that on-site consumption is not included in the participation fee.

The name of the reservation will be included in your schedule, and there is only one HopToDate table reserved per location, so it should be easy to find.

We request that you order at least one drink per location. Our guests often order food as well at the first location. Sharing food is a fun way to meet new people and to prepare for the night ahead. The restaurants and bars are our partners in the events, and they make money from the sales.

It is up to the guests to keep an eye on the time and be ready to leave for the next location. If the place is busy, it is a good idea to start wrapping up conversation and settling the bill 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

It is up to the guests to consider the time. All of the locations for the evening will be within walking distance, usually close but sometimes as much as about 500 yards. We usually recommend guests plan about ten minutes to walk between locations to gather everyone and to be safe.

Meeting new people is the priority in planning the schedule. Depending on the numbers, it sometimes works out that some teams visit an extra location, while some stay an extra round at one location. In all cases, guests from every team gather at the last location for the AfterDrink.

You will meet a total of 17 to 26 new people during the 3 timeslots. Because there are often even more participants, it is unfortunately not possible to meet all participants in one evening at the tables. We believe that 6 to 9 people per table is the optimal number to have a good conversation. This makes the afterdrink all the more exciting.

Since we keep the table groups small, and the teams limited to two or three people, we cannot guarantee an equal number of men and women at each table. We do manage the enrollment and schedule to make sure that each guest meets at least 17 new people at the tables, and even more at the AfterDrink celebration.

Individual guests are perfect for our program, but if you would like to join with a friend, that works too!

We like to create a casual social vibe at our events, and nametags tend to bring a sense of business formality that we try to avoid. Introducing yourself is a great ice-breaker, and guests are welcome to exchange contact details during the evening.

No. Once you arrive at the HopToDate table you are welcome to talk, place orders, and begin to enjoy the evening. Sometimes people are delayed, even so, guests are encouraged to stick to the schedule and continue moving from one location to another with their group.

After the event you will have a chance to access our matching portal. There you can indicate whom you would like to make contact with, choosing whether to disclose your email address, phone number, or both. In the case of a mutual request, the information will be shared.
Of course, we make no rules about sharing contact information during the event. Guests are welcome to do so if they wish.

At the end of the meeting, we have reserved a location where all participants come together. Mandatory government restrictions due to a pandemic, terrorism, or a curfew might ensure the afterdrink is canceled.

We expect guests to be polite and respectful to everyone involved in the event, including the service staff.
Over-consumption of alcohol never makes a good first impression. Guests are expected to know their limits and manage their intake and transportation responsibly.

If we cancel an event:

  • If some reason forces us to cancel an event, guests will be guaranteed a credit for the next one. A refund request can be made via email.

If you cancel:

  • Guests may send an email request for a full refund of their participation fee up to 14 days prior to an event.
  • Guests may convert their participation fee into a credit for future use up to 72 hours before an event.
  • We cannot offer a refund or a credit for cancellation requests less than 72 hours before an event.

These FAQs apply as the general terms and conditions.

In case of disputes, only the courts of Dendermonde in Belgium are competent. The total amount of a claim may never exceed the amount paid for participation in the event.

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